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Cryptocurrency games: Crypto Blackjack and other

Playing is one of the funniest and easiest ways through which individuals can learn something new. Cryptocurrency is a new idea, and most people do not know much about them. These tokens have taken over the gaming industry and turned out to be excellent incentives for game players. Recently, the gaming industry’s development and the gaining of popularity of cryptocurrencies have brought about a new trend, commonly known as cryptocurrency and blockchain games. The world game market is tremendously increasing and is expected to go even further in the coming years to integrate crypto tokens in the gaming industry. Cryptocurrency and blockchain games are becoming more popular, providing solutions to fraud and transaction problems that game players and developers face, besides giving some potential benefits. Some of these cryptocurrency games include crypto blackjack, roulette, and crypto slots casino.


New crypto games

Crypto games are increasingly becoming popular in the poker world. Some of these new cryptocurrency games include:

  • Mytherium

The primary aim of this game is to keep a gamer’s characters alive. It is this reason that explains why the game is also referred to as the last man standing. The game is almost similar to Hearthstone, and so if you have a hint on playing the game, you won’t find it hard to play Mythereum. The game uses cards, which are all blockchain-based, and you can withdraw them from your Ethereum wallet at any time. After completing the battle, you can only transfer the free Etherium cards to your external wallet.

  • Spells of genesis

Spells of Genesis is a crypto game best for individuals best in role-playing. The game seamlessly integrates elements of old-school arcade features and trading card games. Playing the game is a feature that makes it an ideal entry point for crypto game newbies. Every card and item you win and collect by paying this game becomes yours for real and is stored in the blockchain. This makes the game full of fun and interesting for those interested in earning cryptos. You can withdraw and exchange the elements you earn outside the game.

  • Neon district

This is a go-to cyberpunk RPG blockchain game that keeps gamers hooked. The game needs strategic thinking and fighting. This game comprises a wide range of characters as a gamer battles through the missions. Moreover, gamers also earn gears that provide themes with a more robust set of status and abilities on the battlefield.


  • EOS Knight

This is the first mobile game that runs on an EOS blockchain. It is among the major networks for creating, hosting, and implementing decentralized applications. The game is available for android and iOS devices. However, there is a chrome extension for those users who might prefer this browser’s experience. As per its name, EOS Knight is all about battling with nasty guys in various ways. The game allows users to collect and sell EOS based elements through different actions regulated on smart contracts.

Other new crypto games include

  • Oxuniverse

  • Forgotten artifacts

  • Megacryptopolis

  • Gods unchained

  • Splinterlands

  • Ether

  • Crypto Dozer

  • Crypto assault

  • Blockchain Cuties

  • MLB Crypto Baseball

  • ZED

  • Lordless

Blackjack crypto

Crypto blackjack is one of the largest and the most loved crypto games. If you are a gamer who knows your probabilities, this is the best game to play. It is simple, rewarding, payout hugely but sometimes can be frustrating. Thus, the game is off online, and traditional casinos place it as a staple table game in the casino catalogues. Bitcoin blackjack is available in almost every cryptocurrency casino in the market. Unlike craps, baccarat, and roulette, blackjack remains to be the enormous lure for discerning gamers. Blackjack crypto games are available in different types. These types include live dealer blackjack, bitcoin blackjack, European blackjack, among others. If you decided to play these game click out here and get 200 casino bonus.

Being the modern form of casino game, bitcoin blackjack allows gamers to bet and get their earnings in cryptocurrency.


Crypto roulette

Roulette is another most popular casino game player using crypto coins. Crypto roulette is a classic form of online crypto casino games. Playing the game is easy; it simply involves picking some number, between zero to thirty-six, or choosing a color. After making your selection, leave it to the croupier to spin the wheel and wit to see if the ball will land on your bets. In case the ball won’t land on your selection, you will get your crypto payment depending on the bet’s likeliness.

This will range from two to one for a third of a gamble, thirty-five to one for a specific number, and evens or odds for hitting black or red, respectively. This variety of wins has made the game popular. Its payouts are significant and substantial for gamers who can risk an improbable bet. However, if you play on the fifty fifty shots, the game can start to look like blackjack odds. Crypto roulette has changed from the land-based table game to the virtual gaming arena. Currently, the game is a fully fledged part of the digital coin casino. You can play poker using the different cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, ether, bitcoin, USDT, among others.

Just like people have different desires, likes, and preferences, the game is available in different versions designed to fit your desires.

A few of cryptocurrencies that blockchain roulette can be played:

  • Bitcoin roulette

  • Etherium roulette

  • TRON roulette

  • Bitcoin cash roulette

  • FUN roulette

  • Tether roulette


Crypto slots casino

Crypto slots casino a new online casino game under the category of an online bitcoin casino. It accommodates players from all over the world, including the USA. It has a lot of selling points and becoming a member is quick and easy. Simply create an account with a username and password followed by your email. Make instant deposits using Litecoin, bitcoin cash, and bitcoin. Crypto slots have provably fair video poker games and slots that enhance excellent sound and graphics.

You can play these games and slots on your mobile, tablet, or PC. Moreover crypto slots mobile is entirely optimized for topping the mobile version such as android, windows, and iOS. The platform generously welcomes new members with a pack full of multiple deposit match bonuses. Regular gamers can earn VIP rewards besides claiming cash backs weekly. There is a jackpot trigger game from which gamers can earn tokens; this jackpot gives players an opportunity to win one million dollars.

​Earn cryptocurrency playing games. Earn crypto game.

If you want to earn cryptocurrency playing games, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars on mining the cryptos. There is a new fun way you can make cryptocurrency and save a lot of money in the process. This new way is the online game that will let you make digital coins while having fun.

  • Splinterlands

This is a collectable card game whose game result data and ownership information are stored in the Steem blockchain. Slointerlands mostly revolves around battles, low-level tournament winners can earn booster decks and experience points. The higher-level ones are paid in rare cards and Steem dollars.


  • Storm

This is a gamified microtask site. It is available on iOS and android. Gamers can use it to earn ether, storm, and bitcoin.

  • Worldopo

This is a world-building simulation that is at the technology’s cutting edge. It integrates virtual reality and augmented reality with directed acyclic technology and blockchain. Moreover, the platform uses information from open streets maps and google maps to allow gamers to purchase real streets in real towns in across the globe. Players attack in cooperation with other players attack buildings and assist in directing the world economy. Moreover, this platform has an in gaming farm that allows users earn ether, WorldOpo WPT token, and bitcoin.

  • Huntercoin

Huntercoin is only available on window users, employing MMORPG technology, to massively multiplayer online role-playing games. This game sees many players participate in the same world simultaneously. This breed of MMORPG titles became successful, which is termed as Huntercoin. Its major objective is to kill other hunter players, collect coins, and take them to a bank for storage. All the activities needed only a small amount of crypto coins to accomplish.

  • Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin offers motivation for gamers to play it by paying them. You only need to download the android app and keep it running always. Also, the app monitors your steps, and every a thousand steps you make; you will earn a single Sweatcoin. However, you cannot trade Sweatcoin on exchanges because the platform does not have a blockchain. With this platform, you can redeem your earnings and use them for things like airline miles, iPhones, video streaming subscriptions, and ebooks.


After all, are you looking forward to playing crypto earning games? Then you have to keep it safe. Before venturing into these crypto poker games, ensure that you are ready to store your earnings. Also, playing crypto coin games has three significant benefits that accrue to it, which include earning some bucks in digital coins, having fun, and getting some insight on cryptocurrencies. Additionally, be ready to take risks because such games are associated with lots of troubles. Overall choosing the right site for playing with the right cards for higher profits.

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