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Best Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2021

In the sector of marketing, payment has now taken another form to make transactions. The traditional forms of paying for services or goods have been supplemented using virtual currencies, that is, cryptocurrency. These are more trending currencies that are increasing their value every hour. The convenience of this form of transaction is that it is decentralized, it uses the network database, and therefore less interrupted by the central governance. Though there are quite a several cryptocurrencies today, there is the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2021.

best crypto to buy right now

Best crypto to buy right now

Besides the number of cryptocurrencies in the trending market, not every currency you can have. Interesting that is more best crypto to buy right now. They include;

  • Basic Shares (BAS)

This type of cryptocurrency uses three token forms such as BAS, BAB, and BAC. On how it operates, when the price of Basic Cash is more than 1$, there is an increment supply of BAC while the BAB stakeholders receive passive income. Sometimes, the BAC value can be below 1$; during this period, it can be turned to BAB. This is done by reducing the supply of BAC.

  • Bitcoin

First of all, the most known cryptocurrency in the digital market is Bitcoin. Also, companies and other financial institutions are trusting in this gold production of virtual money. It is the current dominance of the cryptocurrency market as it is known widely.

  • dHedge DAO token

This is a token built courtesy of Ethereum. dHedge DAO, being a decentralized currency, allows users to enjoy free custodial in one transaction. This is to mean the owner of dHedge asset can manage their funds in any transaction. With this type of cryptocurrency, you can invest any amount you want, and during blockchain transactions, every record can be tracked.

  • Ethereum

It is an asset that is termed to be convenient in terms of transactions. Ethereum, being one of the best currency protocols in 2020, has many benefits to using it in financial applications such as DeFi.

top 10 cryptocurrency 2020

​10 Best cryptocurrency

Traders or investors are currents in confusion about which is the best digital currency to use, mostly investing. To determine which one to use, you have to consider the reasons you want to invest and the convenience of the cryptocurrency you choose. Here are the 10 best cryptocurrency you can use anytime.

  • Bitcoin

This is the most popular when the word cryptocurrency is tagged.

  • Litecoin

Its operations are infrastructure almost similar to that of Bitcoin; only the transaction costs are much fewer.

  • Ethereum

Ethereum considers the next valued crypto after bitcoin though it has few enhancements over the BTC.

  • Ripple

In terms of efficiency to transact finances cross border, Ripple is best. It has low currency rates when exchanging.

  • Steller Lumens

This cryptocurrency uses the remittance strategy and credits through companies. Its functionality is almost similar to that of Ripple.

  • Zcash

It provides anonymity transactions. Unlike bitcoin, it doesn’t keep the blockchain transaction public, instead of keeping it confidential.

  • IOTA

This type of cryptocurrency uses IoT technology in a blockchain transaction.

  • NEM

NEM is only the type of cryptocurrency that allows integration of the blockchain transaction. It enables private and public transactions on the blockchain.

  • Cardano

Cardano crypto has one aim, to provide a broad scale in the financial transaction.

  • Monero

Monero uses the technic of hiding completely any transaction tracing.

top 10 best cryptocurrency

​Top 10 cryptocurrency 2020

With the numerous cryptocurrencies invented, finding the best one is easier said than done. If you plan to be a crypto trader, the good news is that you can find the best cryptocurrencies to trade with. However, the suitability of a crypto pin depends on your tolerance to risks and familiarity with the digital coins. To avoid the hassles of having to go through the available digital assets to determine the best, here is a list of the top 10 cryptocurrency 2020:

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the best and most trusted digital assets in the market. Most investors and crypto traders prefer it to any other coin in the market. It is often referred to as the king of crypto coins. Its primary goal is to grow into a fully decentralized global peer to peer digital asset. Bitcoin has the highest liquidity in the crypto world, which remains on top of the investment radar. Bitcoin is flexible and easy to use, making it the best cryptocurrency for both experts and beginners. Even if you are a newbie in the crypto space, you won’t have challenges buying or selling the coins. Despite its volatility, bitcoin remains the most stable cryptocurrency whose demand, mass adoption, and influence are rapidly rising.

2. Litecoin

After bitcoin, litecoin becomes the second top cryptocurrency to invest in. It has a high market cap and liquidity, just like bitcoin. If you want to get rid of crypto risks, invest in assets with large market caps like litecoin. Moreover, Litecoin has a high block reward and the shortest mine block of approximately two minutes than any other digital asset.

3. Ethereum

This is one of the best digital assets to invest in. Ethereum is the first coin to develop small contacts that allow developers to launch mobile and decentralized desktop applications. It is the second most liquid digital asset after bitcoin; therefore, there are no associated issues with buying or selling the ethereum. Moreover, ethereum coins can exist more than litecoin or bitcoin.


4. NEM

NEM is different and unique from other cryptocurrencies, making it the best choice for most young investors. Apart from NEM being a cryptocurrency, it is is also a platform for building applications. It features a fast transaction speed, and it only takes six seconds for a new transaction to appear and only twenty-seconds for confirmation. In addition to that, NEM’s transaction cost is very low than any other digital coin.

5. NEO

This crypto coin is regarded as Ethereum based in china. It is a smart contract platform equipped with a lot of potentials. Just like ethereum, NEO gives developers room to launch decentralized blockchain applications. The asset employs a sophisticated technology that uses improved proof of stake technology. NEO lies among the top twenty coin market cap implying that it is highly liquid.

6. Binance

If you already own significant digital assets like bitcoin and diversify your portfolio, Binance is a perfect coin for you. The coin has a firm business history and experienced founders building the utility tokens. Its value comes from its usefulness and its utility’s demand. Currently, Binance is among the greatest liquid assets ranking within the top ten in the coin market cap.


Although not fully developed, TRON is among the best digital coins in the market because of the BitTorrent it recently acquired. If its developers manage to create more decentralized and secure torrenting methods, TRON’s value will increase. Additionally, TRON remains on top because of its always up and running blockchain.


8. EOS

Although not common, EOS comes with several technological advantages. For instance, it’s super fast speed than even Bitcoin or litecoin. The asset’s platform has no barriers like those that exist in Ethereum. It provides unique services like account management and databases that do not need programming knowledge.

9. Ripple

Ripple is the third most coin in market capitalization. Also, this asset has a different goal and concept from the rest of the crypto coins. It mainly focuses on offering banks financial services to make instant and direct transactions within national borders. Large banks have partnered with ripple, and many more banks are looking forward to adopting its protocol.

10. BAT – Basic Attention Token

BAT is another utility token utilized by Brave browser. The asset manly tops content creators and any helpful internet user. Additionally, BAT rewards those users that watch ads on the platform. If this platform is explored well, it might lead to potential future opportunities for both the brave browser and end viewer.

So that all, the best cryptocurrency to Buy in 2021. Investing in digital assets has great fortunes but also comes with risks that might bring to extreme losses. Due to the risks involved in the investment process, you should not rush when venturing into the business. Always spend adequate time researching for the opportunity before diving in. Finally, with the above top ten cryptocurrencies, you will be able to make an informed decision.

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