Money Earning Games

No one dislikes playing games, for they have health benefits like relaxing your mind off the day’s activities. And even better if it’s money earning games. With today’s technological dynamics, you simply play for the fun of it, pass the time, or even secure some coins. The games are known for evaluating coordination of the hand and eye, critical thinking, and reflexes. They may constitute quizzes and puzzles on diverse agendas like general knowledge, sports, music, and current affairs. There are online gaming platforms or apps that are real and pay. Continue reading to learn how your hobby can be your source of income.


Earn money playing games

With earn money playing games, you can now gain from both worlds of fun and game. Some websites will require your registration to play, accomplish some tasks and earn monetary rewards in return.


  • You need an account with a popular gaming app or website. You require a payment platform to get your pay when it is due.
  • Install the app and comply with all registration procedures. Ensure you adhere to all the gaming apps rules and regulations after reading them.
  • Depending on your gadget, whether iPhone or Android, there are respective download and installation instructions for the files on the phone. Concerning the operating systems demand, ensure you read them as well before starting.
  • Use your regularly checked email address for the confirmation process. Other than the email address’ usage for confirmation, it is essential for any afterward crucial details.
  • To get the money on such gaming platforms, you need to earn coins or points for the plays. The rewards can, after that, be translated to cash that is paid directly to your payment platform, such as a PayPal account.
  • Note that it is not often the case for you to pay to join a legit app or website. It is normally totally free to join and commence your earnings of points or cash.


Real money earning games

Playing games that earn you real money does not mean that you leave your normal job nor invest a lot of your time playing games. It is a chance to earn as you enjoy all at once. Explore the list below with family and friends.

How to earn money from games?

So the main question is how to earn money from games? When seated waiting or simply trying to pass the time, you can get involved in an online game, earn real cash, and get your wallet fat. There is earning potential as you venture into different sites with varied prize pools.

If you are wondering if players get real money, yes, they do get it! Since they have the opportunity to pursue their passion and earn. These games include:

1. Wealth Words

It is an undoubtedly popular crossword game on the internet today. An online game that pays you for your smartness. It is unique from other games because it is available online. All persons above the age of 18 are potential players. Invest your knowledge in it and get cash rewards. It grants the players a chance to win up to 3000 dollars. It is played anytime and anywhere.

2. Paid Game Player

The platform provides an array of about 600 games. Just like Swagbucks, it rewards around 250000 dollars to the participants. Additionally, it offers opportunities to game with other platform users for more money earnings. The earnings are through survey completion, review of online plays, referrals to friends, product name branding.

There are two phases of the game depending on whether you are a premium member or are playing free limited games. The premium membership grants you the privilege to access an entire scope of the game’s version plus a 2X multiplier bonus. Additionally, you will receive 1000 points for signing up as a premium member.

3. Play and Win

It is Britain’s gaming website offering the best free games with an opportunity to win actual monetary prizes. Some of these platforms’ games are; Yatzy, Mahjong 3, Pow, Ludo, and many more. Moreover, you can be part of a tournament, have fun and make extra money!


Play to Earn Crypto Games 2021

The play to earn crypto games economy has dynamically come to rise. The model has surpassed the traditional ones via its in-built incentives toward its participants from the game publishers through power shifting. With about 3.2 million players across the globe, blockchain gaming is meant to be the primary driver for the main crypto adoption. Blockchain games have enhanced the industry simply by becoming the primary decision-makers and beneficiaries in its ecosystem.

Crypto games list

Blockchain play-to-earn games launched recently. Many of the early participants made unfathomable profits triggering crypto observers and players to seek the next huge hit. The list below encompasses the to date promising titles:

  • The Sandbox
  • Lightning
  • Illuvium
  • Star Atlas
  • Guild of Guardians

Top 10 Crypto games

Generating cash through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is gaining momentum and interest. For instance, Battle Pets has Pets as tokens in which gamers can gather, grow, arrange, breed the pets and even sell them. From the sale, the player can withdraw their cryptocurrency to their respective wallets. According to the BDC consultation agency, the following list shows the top ten crypto games with real money withdrawals. They include:


  • Axie Infinity – was inspired by Tamagotchi and Pokemon
  • CryptoBlades – it is based on battles of developing and equipping characters
  • Alien Worlds – a DApp market’s fastest-growing game
  • Splinterlands – crypto collectible card game inspired by Hive blockchain
  • R-Planet – it is developed on a WAX blockchain
  • My DeFi Pet – is similar to Axie Infinity in its working and works on BSC blockchain
  • Crypto Zoon – it runs on BSC blockchain as well
  • Upland – it is gaining momentum, especially in the online community that speaks Russian
  • Blanks Block Party – constitutes a team
  • Arc8 by GAMEE


Crypto games are highly intersecting the industry. As a result, more crypto games are being developed, with many connected to NFTs. Generally, online games need a little money to begin. You will completely enjoy the plays if you take them for entertainment and fun rather than targeting the rum some.

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